ARC 400 Series Nav/ RT 485A Nav/Com


The TSO'd 400 Series Nav/Com has many features of Cessna's top-of-the-line 1000 Series equipment. The 400 Nav/Com features automatic frquency storage. The RT-485 hold three preselected Com and three Nav frequencies in storage for immediate recall on demand. The 720-channel Com features a green transmit light, automatic audio leveling, and internal speaker amplifier. Variable Threshold Automatic Squelch allows the flexibility of receiving very weak signals when desired, but once set, the squelch is automatic.
The 200-channel Nav features a three inch rectilinear ATI indicator with Automatic Radial Centering. The 400 Nav Indicators provide automatic autopilot course datum when installed with slaved DG or HSI and appropriate autopilot or IFCS. This alleviates the need to set the heading "bug" when intercepting or tracking in the Nav mode.
Other 400 Nav/Com features include: